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Privacy is important to you. It’s important to us. We use Stretch. Our families use it. Our friends use it. We know the content in Stretch is and must always be completely private. We also believe Stretch can provide a safe haven from social media sites, which, of course, we love too... sort of.

Stretch Technologies LLC and its affiliates (“Stretch,” “we” or “us”) know how important it is to safeguard all the personal and family information stored in the Stretch Service. In this Privacy Policy, we’d like to explain what information is collected, how it is handled and what we may use it for. As used in this policy “Service” means the features and services we make available, including through our website at and any other Stretch branded websites (including international and mobile versions) and related services, plugins, apps and APIs. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the use or disclosure of information that is collected or obtained by us through means other than the Stretch Service.

When you sign up for Stretch you need to enter a first name and last name (it could simply be “Mom” and "Franklin" or “Dad” and "Franklin" or “Batman” and "Robin") and a valid email address. We’ll use this email address to send you system information and other alerts (you can configure the options). You also use this email address to sign in. If you want other members of your family to use Stretch, you need to share their first and last name (or nickname and last name) and email address with us too. Many family members are NOT users of Stretch, however, for example babies, toddlers and pets. You can add your newborn, your toddler, your teenager, your dog or cat or frog or whatever family member you want and NOT put an email address for that family member and you can still keep track of information about that family member and they will never have to use Stretch. We at Stretch track information about our pets all the time as well as our children (collectively, we have many children). Some children use Stretch (the Terms of Use describes our simple policy) although no pets use Stretch (yet).

A Stretch family member can share content with other family members, including caregivers too. We designed Stretch for this specific purpose, secure sharing and messaging, and it’s obvious why we did it the minute you’ve set up your own family on Stretch. We also allow families to connect to other families – like relatives' families and dear friends' families – and form what we call a Tribe. If you share content with other families, you can easily block or remove them from specific content or later remove the family altogether.

The only personal information we always encourage you to share with other families as you build your Tribe is your full name, and a recent avatar (not mandatory, but very helpful). Your full name and avatar give family members and other families in your Tribe a quick way to know who is asking to connect with them. You can have your name and avatar be whatever you want, it’s your account and your family. On the other hand, in Austin we like to say, Keep it Weird.

Stretch will have the ability to integrate with other Internet services, but you'll be in complete control of who sees that information too (for example financial information, or fitness information from a device). The content you create might be very fun and social, like photos from a sports season or the list of presents from your birthday party. Or it might be very sensitive like health information, files related to your house and car, or your account information for iTunes and Netflix. Each family and each user can decide with whom to share content. Family leaders can always modify family content that they can see, including permissions. This is easy to do and it’s very clear how to do it in the Privacy screen of each piece of content or Chat. If you disagree, let us know and we’ll put it as Priority 1 to fix.

If you’ve added a family member you no longer want to be part of Stretch, you can remove that person (or you can hide that person or pet). If you want to remove a connection to another family (in your Tribe) you can easily do that too. If you want to disconnect from Stretch and delete all your content that’s also easy and we don’t hassle you 47 times about all the “fun” you’re missing.

Changes to this Policy

As Stretch evolves, we reserve the right to update this policy, or any other policy or practice, at any time, with reasonable notice to users of the Services. We will, however, always maintain our commitment to respect your privacy. Any changes or updates will be effective immediately upon such notice. Please note that your continuation of using Stretch after any change means that you agree with, and consent to be bound by, the new Privacy Policy. If you disagree with any changes in this Policy and do not wish your information to be subject to the revised Policy, you will need to delete your family account.

Policies for Children

Stretch is an application for the whole family and we want to keep children as safe as possible. Therefore, we adhere to the restrictions of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). We do not knowingly collect, use or disclose personal information from children under 13 without verifiable parental consent. In Stretch a parent should have a role as a Leader. If we learn that we have collected personal information of a child under 13 without first receiving verifiable parental consent, we will take steps to delete the information as soon as possible. (For more information on complying with COPPA, see the Federal Trade Commission’s website at

To protect the privacy and safety of children, a Family Leader must be at least 13 years old. Users under 13 can use Stretch, but only with the consent of a parent or guardian.

By accepting our Terms Of Service, you are agreeing to the following:

  • You are over 13 if a Family Leader, and,
  • When giving your consent for a person under 13 to use Stretch, you are a parent or guardian for this person and are consenting to allow personal information to be collected.

Email and Text Alerts

This is a digital product (obviously). If you want to reset your (strong) password we'll send you an email for security purposes. If you're invited to connect to another family we'll send you an email. If you don't want to receive the other useful email or text alerts you can turn them off. If you don't want to receive our product announcements (which may be awesome, who knows) or interesting facts about the company, you can turn those alerts off too. Like you, we use a lot of Internet products and we're sensitive to how busy everyone is and how much people hate spam.

Data Mining and Advertising

We don't sell (or rent) your personally identifiable information to advertisers. We don't read your content. We don't sell names and email addresses either.

Automated Data Collection

To make our Service more useful to you, Stretch collects industry standard tracking data from everyone who visits our Sites. This includes log data that automatically records information about your visit, such as your browser type, operating system, phone type, the URL of the page that referred you, the different actions you performed, and the IP address you used to access pages on the Site. We may also use Cookies (as defined below) and navigational data like Uniform Resource Locators (URL) to gather information regarding the date and time of your visit and the information for which you viewed. Like most Internet services, we automatically gather this Data and store it in log files each time you visit our website or access your account on our network.

This data is stored separately and not assigned to any identifiable person when being used for Analytics. Stretch also uses Google Analytics to help with collecting and analyzing this data.

For protecting you in the event of a security breach, some data is securely logged and associated with the logged in user so we can accurately report back to you exactly what happened.

Data Entered by Users

You can only use Stretch by registering for a Family Account and User Account (or have a Family Leader register a User Account for you). To do this, you must enter your full name, email address and select a password. We require these data points in order to guarantee that you are able to make full use of our entire offer. We need these and possibly other data not least in order to respond to your questions. You can also provide other personal information to fill out your profile as well as to store personal and family data. You can use explicit permissions to control the sharing of your information. All data entered will be integrated into a database or reside on secure file servers. The purpose of this database is to allow you to use Stretch with various devices or via an Internet browser and call up your data anywhere and at any time. Data is transmitted to the respective device using SSL encryption so that your data is transmitted securely.

In some cases we may also request additional information from you for security reasons to provide specific services such as financial integration and fitness integration. We collect personally identifiable and transactional information when you: (1) purchase products or services via the Service, (2) request to receive additional information regarding products or services, or (3) send us a question. If you choose not to give information we request, you can still use most of the Service, but you may be unable to access certain options, offers, and services.

Besides the minimal required account setup data, any additional data stored in Stretch is entirely voluntary.

  • Third party credentials: You may also enter in certain passwords, usernames, account numbers, and other account information for third party sites and Internet services ("Third Party Sites").
  • The Service uses Plaid Technologies, Inc. ("Plaid") to gather End User’s data from financial institutions. By using our financial integration service, you grant the Service and Plaid the right, power, and authority to act on your behalf to access and transmit your personal and financial information from the relevant financial institution. You agree to your personal and financial information being transferred, stored, and processed by Plaid in accordance with the Plaid Privacy Policy.
  • Information from Third Party Sites: In order to display information to you through the Service, we may ask for, on your behalf, your account and other personal information from Third Party Sites that you register under your account via the Service. For example, if you register your Bank of America account with us, we use Plaid to validate your credentials and collect your Bank of America information. The Service never stores any of your Bank of America credentials. We also integrate with a number of fitness devices. If you'd like to share this information with your family (who may not use these devices) we will ask you to sign into your account and authorize this integration and configure Privacy for this information.

Security and Audits

Stretch is committed to protecting your content and making secure as reasonably possible. The Stretch Service is hosted in the Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) Cloud Infrastructure. We are using many enhanced security features – such as the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud “VPC” (for a secure networking), AWS Key Management Service "KMS" (Secure Key Management) and Amazon Simple Storage Service “S3” (for secure file storage). We use industry standard encryption to protect content in transit. (Our mobile app uses securely signed HTTPS requests according to the IETF HTTP Signatures specification)

We have retained an independent third party to conduct audits on a regular basis. They perform penetration tests, make recommendations, and update us on the latest news on security and privacy.

If Stretch learns of a security system breach, we may attempt to notify you and provide information on steps to take through the email address for your user account. We recommend that you take all appropriate steps to secure all devices that you use with Stretch.

Tracking Information


A cookie is a small file stored on your computer or device to give you a unique ID. We use cookies to track new users of the Service and to recognize past users so that we may customize and personalize content and make the Service easier to use. Cookies used by the Service do not contain any personally identifiable information. If for any reason you don’t want to take advantage of cookies, you may have your browser not accept them, although this may disable or render unusable some of the features of the Service. We do not combine or associate any web usage information from cookies with personal information.

Web Beacons

Web beacons (sometimes called a web bug or clear gif) are typically very small graphic images (generally 1-by-1 pixel) that are invisible to the user, however any electronic image viewed as part of a web page or e-mail message, including an advertisement or HTML content, can act as a web beacon. Web beacons are designed to allow us (or a third party) to collect certain statistical information and monitor user activity on our Service. Collected information can include the IP address of the computer that the web beacon is sent to, the URL of the page the web user comes from, and the time the web beacon is activated (such as when you view the web page or e-mail that contains the web beacon). We may use web beacons for site administration purposes in connection with messages, content or e-mail messages you receive via the Service.

Questions or Complaints

Questions or complaints concerning the collection or use of personal information by the Service or about this Privacy Policy should be directed to

Contact Information:

Stretch Technologies
115 E 5th Street, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78701
Attention: Legal Department
Phone: 1-512-739-2291

Policy Effective as of January 1, 2015

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The calendar alone makes Stretch the most important thing on my phone. For the first time ever, I always know who's picking who up, and who's going where, when. Stretch has turned our family chaos into a smooth-running machine.

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