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  • Stretch is free to use for an unlimited period of time and includes the following:
  • All of the main features
  • Up to 1,000 of your family's most recent items
  • Up to 5 integrations (Dropbox, iCloud, Financial accounts, etc.)
  • 5GB of storage for media, files, and content

per month, per family

  • Stretch premium includes all of these enhanced features:
  • All of the main features
  • Unlimited items
  • Unlimited integrations (Dropbox, iCloud, Financial accounts, etc.)
  • 50GB of storage for media, files, and content1

Billing Policy

Stretch has a policy of one price for all sizes of families

Whether your family is just you and your spouse, you and your roommates, your immediate family with nine children and three nannies, or your small business, we think its crucial to keep the same price for everyone.  Go big families!  Further, we don't store anyone's credit card, you can upgrade to premium and pay month to month, and it's quick and simple to cancel.  No questions asked.  If you think our billing isn't fair, tweet at us at @getStretch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be in my Family?

We've optimized the design of Stretch for your immediate family -- usually the people in your household.  Here's a typical example: a married couple with two kids and a part time babysitter might have 5 family members (plus pets!), two leaders, two members, and 1 caregiver.  If you want to share information with extended family, as most families in Stretch do, invite a leader of that family to join your Tribe in Stretch, and that person can set up his or her family and link to your family.  Here's a typical example: I invited my brother, who set up his family and joined my Tribe.  Now I can share information with my family and anyone in his family.  Next I invited my parents.  Your Tribe is the group of families you've decided to connect with.  It's sort of like your family friending another family.

If I upgrade to Stretch Premium, do I need a credit card to sign up?

No.  We'll let Apple (and ultimately Google) process your payment through the App Store.  Simpler and safer for you and Stretch.

Can I cancel?

Yes.  We will offer month to month and annual subscriptions (through the App Store).  Cancel anytime.  We'll immediate stop billing you if you're month to month, and refund a prorated amount of your annual subscription.

How secure is my family's information?

We wrote a whole piece on security but we house your family's information in Amazon's secure cloud infrastructure, we use encryption and keep a separate encryption key per family.  We use best practices and prevent all unauthorized people from looking at your information.  By all means, use a strong password and we encourage everyone to use Touch ID and/or a PIN Code on mobile phones.

What if I can't afford $5 per month for my family?

If you need the premium edition and can't afford the monthly subscription, we'd be happy to talk.  Email us at

Why does Stretch charge after the first 1,000 items?

Stretch can be used for free for an unlimited period of time.  Older items are archived and the latest 1,000 items are available for the whole family to see and find instantly.  We charge a subscription to pay for several things: integration costs (like Plaid, for financials), storage and hosting (at Amazon), engineers (who add features to the product and fix bugs), support engineers (who answer questions and help get you set up), and of course tacos (we're in Austin, TX).  The majority (but not all) of our users preferred a subscription over ads and data mining.  For families who upgrade to premium, we will unlock additional features over time that are useful and hope this makes a bigger and bigger difference.

Do I get a referral bonus for inviting other families (like Dropbox did)?

Yes, you do!  If you invite a family who isn't already a member, and that family joins Stretch, we will credit your family 1 referral point.  Accumulate 12 referral points and we'll upgrade you to Stretch premium for one year (10x the storage, unlimited integrations, unlimited data, premium features).  If you're already a premium subscriber, we'll credit you a free month for every family you invite who joins.  The first family to 100 referral points gets a $100 Amazon Gift Card.  The first family to 1,000 referral points gets a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.

When will iOS and Android apps be available?

The iOS app will be in the App Store in August 2016. We'll announce the timetable for the Android app after that. (We too wish it was RIGHT NOW!)

What if I'm not comfortable putting my information on the Internet?

We're asked this a lot.  Our answer is this: most of your family's information is already on the Internet.  You just don't happen to have a way to access it.  It might be in health portals, insurance companies, banks, title companies, you name it.  We believe your information belongs to you.  Our mission is to give you a way to get all your family's information in one secure place.  And we've begun integrating with popular systems so you don't have to do anything manually.

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The calendar alone makes Stretch the most important thing on my phone. For the first time ever, I always know who's picking who up, and who's going where, when. Stretch has turned our family chaos into a smooth-running machine.

– Nancy Haas of The Roe-Haas Family 3

I love software and have been searching for something like Stretch for a long time. I think every family really is wanting the product they’ve made.

– Remington Robertson