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We've been focused on refining our product over our beta period but have still garnered a fair bit of attention. It seems we’re striking a chord with families across the world.

“Are you looking for a private way to share the important details: calendars, pictures, videos and life events with your family members? Djed app has the answer for you and your family!”

“Can you run a family like a business? In an SXSW Interactive talk entitled, ‘Why is my company more transparent than my family?’ chief executive of family content app Djed, Darren Reid, offered some useful insights into how the two worlds might collide.”

“Djed is a product designed for families, with a mobile and desktop application used for cataloging and sharing all of a family’s vital information, from health and financial information to school projects, sporting events, trips and more.”

“Today's co-hosts Kim Voynar, Erik Davies (Fandango) and Jason Whyte (eFilmCritic), lead into the hour with a special Hot Topics Interactive edition to discuss ... Djed, a family information management system based right here in Austin, TX.”

“Why are we getting so good at creating transparency in the workplace, but still seem to be stumbling around in the dark when it comes to our most important job, our family?”

“US start-up Djed Studios will launch a new app for family life at the upcoming South by Southwest (SXSW) technology, film and music festival in Texas, US.”

“CEO and founder Darren Reid has envisioned Djed ‘for more than ten years,’ he recalls. Reid is a start-up veteran who has built and sold several enterprise application businesses over the past 25 years.”


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The calendar alone makes Djed the most important thing on my phone. For the first time ever, I always know who's picking who up, and who's going where, when. Djed has turned our family chaos into a smooth-running machine.

– Nancy Haas of The Roe-Haas Family 3

I love software and have been searching for something like Djed for a long time. I think every family really is wanting the product they’ve made.

– Remington Robertson