The Family App

Stop trying to run your life with texts and emails.

Stretch is a communication platform for busy modern families.

Create content. Chat about it. Archived forever.

Create and share your family calendar, to-do lists or even just a photo album from the big trip. Quickly and easily organize everything for the school year or the sports season in one place, one time. Add your financials, insurance, health, and assets and never worry about being in sync with your family.

Useful, integrated features

Everyone’s Contacts, Calendar, Lists, Notes, Files, Photos, Stories – all seamlessly integrated.

Organize and store by topic

Create custom topics for trips, school, clubs, sports – any time you need to keep related things together. #Trip to Jamaica, #Soccer Season, #Family Reunion.

... including specialized topics for sensitive information


Dynamic search

Search across all your content and instantly filter everything by type or label

Sync with your favorite systems

Stretch is the one place for families to log in and collaborate. We’re putting finishing touches on our integrations with Fitbit, Dropbox, Google, Apple, financial institutions, and more.

On every device, with offline support for iOS

In addition to the website that works on all devices, we’re building an iOS app for later this year. The app will securely house your family’s data, even when you're offline. (Android coming later!)

Families & Stretch

For Families
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The calendar alone makes Stretch the most important thing on my phone. For the first time ever, I always know who's picking who up, and who's going where, when. Stretch has turned our family chaos into a smooth-running machine.

– Nancy Haas of The Roe-Haas Family 3

I love software and have been searching for something like Stretch for a long time. I think every family really is wanting the product they’ve made.

– Remington Robertson